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Just a few links of cricket blogs that I check out regularly (Or want to). Will keep updating with new finds.

1) A Cricketing View: Cricket analysed with great depth and precision. Probably the best in the business.
2) Cricket with balls : Read it to believe. It's a jaffa.
3) BCC!: Yeah, not the bleddy idiots. This is Bored Cricket Crazy Indians. And the site is as good as their name.
4) Cricket Couch :  Terrific blog, with podcasts, I mean Couch Talks to look forward to.
5) Alternate Cricket : As the say, this is cricket for grown ups.
6) Pavilion Opinions : This really is cricket with a twist.....
7) HoldingWilley : The name should be good enough to excite you - right ? [Plus, I occasionally, I mean very occasionally write there :) ]
8) The Sight Screen : Terrific, new site - collection of great writers and writing. [Unfortunately it is now closed and has been archived for now here]
9) Deep Backward Point : Always a fascinating read. Also Teesra (if there was an Onion for Cricket !).
10) The Old Batsman : Not entirely unlike to being Cricket's Run of Play
11) Gideon Haigh's Cuts and Glances : The name is enough.
12) King Cricket: A stiff-upper lipped take on the game.
13) Epistemological Irrelevance: I have no idea what the title means and it is not an exclusive cricket blog, but the writing is exceptional.
14) 99.94: Have read some of the stuff there - quite superb.
15) Boundary Conditions: Features remarkably beautiful writing on cricket and cricketers.
16) Limited Overs : An American cricket blog !
17) Idle Summers: Scholarly work on cricket of the highest order.
18) A Straight Batyet another cricket blog

PS: Found this slightly old list of The Telegraph (UK's) 20 best cricket sites: Some obvious names there, but quite a few that I haven't read. Will see if I can find something interesting there

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