Before I started my own blog, I did some totally random blog posts on my friend Suhel's blog here:

Here are the link to the posts

Post 1 on Serendipity

Post 2: Deja vu

Post 3: Drive To The Finish

Holding Willey

The folks over at HoldingWilley were very kind to invite me to write for them some time. Below are the links to my articles there.

The Drama of the 5th Day of a Test Match .

Evolution of the Spectator

For those statistically inclined and/or with a sense of humour about all things cricket, HoldingWilley is a site I recommend. Do visit it.

The Hard Tackle

The Hard Tackle is a truly top notch football website - which is all Indian. Do visit it. I have done a few guest posts for them about The Arsenal. The links are given below:

Arsenal and Murphy's Law

Arsenal Season 2011-12 - Similar Results But A Different Path

Arsenal Story – Three Steps Forward But How Many Back?

The Sight Screen

The Sight Screen is a blog featuring a fantastic collection of bloggers, featuring some great analysis as well as critical and forward thinking pieces.

Memories of India v. Australia

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