Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bookmarking some Congress (I) related news from this February

The Congress Party and it's leaders were in the news quite a lot for some "unusual" reasons this month.

1) Rahul Gandhi & Anand Sharma went to the JNU to express support to JNU folks after some of their students had been booked for raising anti India slogans.
We are told, this was in support of Free Speech & Dissent. And of course, for the Idea of India.

2)  Later, they asked for expunging of what they described as "blasphemous" statements made by the HRD minister, who had read out from some previous pamphlets circulated in JNU.

Running with the hare and hunting with the hound ?

By the way, towards the end of January, Congress legislators - yes, the same which stands for Free Speech, asked for hanging Kamlesh Tiwary for -guess what - basically blasphemy in the UP Assembly.

3) It is to be noted that part of the Free Speech being exercised in JNU was on the state killing of Afzal Guru. He had been executed under a Congress led government. Now, P Chidambaran, ex Home Minister and ex Finance Minister of the same Congress led government commented an interview that he had doubts on the correctness of the verdict.
National Interest anyone ? What's that ?

4) Over the last month, a number of senior bureaucrats have come out in the public and basically said that Ishrat Jehan was a terrorist. This includes former NSA M. K, Narayanan,   Former IB Special Director Rajinder Kumar claimed that Congress tried to allure him to falsely implicate Narendra Modi in the encounter. And then former Home Secretary G.K. Pillai claimed that LeT links of Ishrat Jehan were possibly dropped by P Chidambaram in the Center's affidavit.

As Rahul Gandhi had once said - Politics is everywhere. Even in matters of National Security & Counter Terrorism ?

5) Finally, there are audio clips in circulation of an aide of ex CM B. Hooda attempting to instigating riots during the violent agitations by the Jat community in Haryana for reservations.

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