Saturday, October 31, 2015

Farewell Viru

Viru Sehwag retired a few days ago. So, I have collated a few of his best test knocks in this post. Words rarely can do justice to his game, and certainly not words by me.

And if it is words that I want to read about him, I prefer them written by Jarrod Kimber, the man who coined the term Sehwagology !

His farewell tribute was great too, and this below quote is from that
When you bowled to him, you weren’t bowling to a batsman; you were bowling to a belief system.
There was comfort in his madness. Others have stopped, slowed, changed, restricted, just to survive, to thrive, to score all that they could score. Not him. Maybe he just couldn’t slow down, couldn’t hold back. He was what he was, a wild animal of batting.
I think I will keep coming back here, to see some of his batting. Farewell Viru.

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