Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Atlantic piece on ISIS

  1. A few days, back The Atlantic magazine published a really detailed piece by Graeme Wood titled: What ISIS really wants. It is a detailed research piece, well worth a read.
  2. The article has faced some criticism. Two of the better pieces are:  
    1. The Clash of Civilizations That Isn't in The New Yorker ; &  
    2. The Phony Islam of ISIS in The Atlantic, itself.
    3. How Islamic Is Islamic State in The New Statesman
  3. Another most interesting piece is the discussion on the article between Sam Harris and Graeme Wood : The True Believers.
All of them are well worth your time if you are interested in learning about ISIS and how they are being perceived at the moment. What is most disappointing is that there is no semblance of any concrete ideas coming up on how to take them on.

PS: This geography based article on ISIS from some time back is excellent to know how and where - they captured so much land.


Since then, I did find some more interesting video links discussing the topic.

  1. Here's Graeme Wood discussing with Robert Wright (the author of the article in Point 2.1 above). 
  2. Graeme Wood discussing with Mehdi Hasan (the author of the article in Point 2.2 above)
It is rather interesting to note that much of the debate seems to be centered around one word in the original piece. Yes, ONE. And that word being "very", in the line : The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.

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