Thursday, January 8, 2015

How do folks react to a a terror attack by Islamic Terrorists ?

So, yesterday, we had yet another terror attack, by Islamic Terrorists. As John Stewart says, you just can't make sense of these things.

Having said that, many folks (and I am guilty of judging myself) do react and we then get to see the views, and more importantly the inherent biases within the people in their reactions.

And in these myriad reactions, I did some very, very broad generalizations to categorize the reaction of the different types of people as to how they react to a terror attack by Islamic terrorists. Note : these reactions are when a "western" or democratic country is attacked and not say for ISIS related attacks in the middle -east.

 I wonder if others think this categorization is reasonably accurate.

PS: Where should anyone stand on such issues ? Apart from a feeling of solidarity and grief with the victims, there is no one right answer that I know of, for all the other questions. Where do I stand - I admit I am what a lot of people would call a bigot in this matter, and my views are probably closest to Type 2. I could be Type 1 as well if you consider that in India - Type 2 is not really a category. And my biggest problem is with folks in Type 3 - because they control the dominant media narrative. But more bitching about that on some other day.


  1. Very well summarized and written.
    Personally I am mostly type 6, with sprinkling of type 3. strongly with type 2 on FoS.
    while on other matters i usually tend to agree and enjoy what type 2 have to say- in this particular issue, when they condemn 1.8 Billion people ( 20 % of world Population) as the motherload of all problems, death Cult and beyond redemption - without even willing to look at or even consider the nuances and diversity involved, or the historical narrative , it becomes difficult to discuss or hope to arrive at a reasonable common ground or starting point to address and fix the problems.
    and that leads to my next point as to what would have made this analysis even more interesting ( and what is missing) is a column with proposed solution or long term goals of each of these types.. :)

  2. Disclaimer - as evident from my name, I am Muslim - so its only reasonable that I may have biases of my own while commenting on this issue. As mush as i'd like to think that i am unbiased and non-emotive about the issue - i would concede that some Bias would have crept in.. though I believe that i would hav efelt and articulated a similar position if it were a similar issue we were discussing ( again agree with type 2 - that the equivalences being drawn in MSM are incorrect, so finding a similar issue is a problem :D :D )

  3. Thanks for your comments Shabeer..... I would say on your criticism on Type 2 is that people get put off by more by the tone rather than the content. Because they never condemn the entire 1.6 or 1.8 billion people. And those who differ probably differ on the assertion of "vast majorities of Muslim world" supporting these bad ideas... From my previous blog - I think this is a good article on the matter...

    In terms of solutions - I wish it was so easy: What are long term goals of each type: here
    Type 1: Less terrorism in general and less Islamisation of society
    Type 2: Less terrorism in general and less of religion in society
    Type 3: Less terrorism and less of their enemies - that is the right wingers..
    Type 4: Left wing utopia
    Type 5: Sharia
    Type 6: Peace :)


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