Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Debate

I have followed this debate about Islam, over the last few months and found this entire debate rather interesting. Here are some of the more important videos and some good articles about this debate that I found.

1) A Bill Maher monologue

2) Reza Aslan slamming Maher.

Some fact checks about Aslan's claims: Revisiting Reza Aslan's response to Bill Maher about female genital mutilation

A critique : Critics Of New Atheists Are Becoming More Slanderous In Their Quest To Defend Islam

3) This is where it went really viral. When Ben Affleck and Sam Harris had a debate on the Bill Maher show.

This was a great peace by a Pakistani woman: An Open Letter to Ben Affleck

And on the same topic this was a great read too: An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

4) Reza Aslan brings more "sophistication" while reacting to the debate.

Some further reading  on this topic in writings  by Reza Aslan and here's another one:

5) Sam Harris defends himself here.

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