Sunday, June 1, 2014

Needed to be said

I have been an observer of Indian politics for a long time. I do not subscribe to one particular ideology or belief. My political preferences - change - I like to believe, that I think and then take sides after considering the options. (My political preference was for the BJP and Narendra Modi - for this general election. and I was quite delighted with the results.)
One of the worst things about Indian politics according to me is the lack of civility and respect that is on display between politicians of different sides. And no one is more guilty of this than the self-proclaimed guardians of secularism and socialism - The Congress (I). Here's what I think of them (Them: meaning the representatives of this party in the electronic and print media).
I find their snobbery, their self-perceived superiority complex, their haughtiness : appalling, repugnant and reprehensible. Consider the behavior of some of their members, post their massive, embarrassing electoral defeat after they ran - what I consider, a pathetic and inept electoral campaign:

1) One party member writes this piece on a national newspaper, the day after the election results. Consider the audacity, consider the sheer arrogance at display for someone to be able to write these first 3 lines, after the elections in which over 540 Million people have voted. A election in which the said member finished fourth from his seat and lost his deposit.
Darkness descends. The idea of India gutters. The light that lit our freedom struggle and so defined the nature of our nationhood is going out.
The next day, this gentleman outdid himself and spoke this on television.

2) Consider the behavior of the leaders of the party: the mother and son duo when they came out  to speak after the poll results. Not only did the party Vice-President give a vibe of  "My ignorance amuses me" and had a shameless smirk on his face, but more importantly neither mother and son - had the class, the bare minimum amount of respect and dignity to acknowledge Narendra Modi by his name, while mouthing their formalities of conceding defeat.

3) Take the case of the former sports minister, who was considered to be a one of the better ministers of the previous government. He mocks through twitter the lack of education qualification of the newly appointed HRD minister - Smriti Irani, displaying once again the arrogance and a snobbishness, which is not justified - especially for a party in which the educational qualifications of the top 2 people are dubious to say the least.

These are just three examples from the past month, but Mani Shankar Aiyyar, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ajay Maken are not alone in this kind of public behavior. Watch their spokespersons like Sanjay Jha or even their former Foreign minister - Salman Kurshid speak. They speak the language of the past, their discourse is disconnected to the present and their thoughts lack a vision for the future. That they regard their political opponents, and therefore large sections of the Indian population in general, with contempt and disdain is plainly visible to me. The country, in my opinion, is better off without them. And this needed to be said.

PS: Nothing better than to find a case from 2011, where the great Ajay Maken meets his match in the greater Mani Shankar Aiyar. A wonderful illustration.. Enjoy.

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