Sunday, May 4, 2014

Random Aussie Cricket Videos

Here are some completely random cricket related youtube videos that I came across surfing youtube.

1) Here is Steve Waugh giving an interview (in 1995 I guess) to the Australian comedians and TV Show Hosts Roy and HG.


2) From the last video, I found Roy and HG's irreverent humour to be absolutely hilarious and so here are both of them again, many years later - 2008 as part of the Allan Border Medal ceremony. Brilliant to watch.

 3) This is a clip from an interview by two cricketing cult heroes, Ian Botham and David Boon before the start of the 2005-06 Ashes in Australia. Of particular interest is the section relating to "six packs" and "warmdowns".

4) Who doesn't love a Richie Benaud impersonation ? Here's half the Australian team having a go at it, with Richie Benaud watching.


5) And finally - this is a smartly produced youtube video with great editing to include real match commentary with the actual Backyard cricket in place. Good fun.

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