Sunday, May 18, 2014

Glorious darkness

So, here's what happened last night... I was nervous as hell before the start of the match, so thought - let the game settle down (maybe Arsenal will take the lead early) and then I would start watching. So I didn't switch on the TV, just followed my Timeline on twitter - keeping an eye on both the games (the La Liga epic ending being the other). But hey - we are The Arsenal and we don't do easy and within the first 10 minutes - and as Hull took a 2-0 lead, all I could do was shake my head.
2-0 down soon became 2-1 down only as Santi Cazorla scored a freekick but after that, not much happened. Meanwhile Barca lead 1-0 going into half-time. Atletico replied soon after half-time and perhaps this gave me the courage to come out (after taking a dump in between) and venture towards the TV. I switched on and kept toggling between the two matches. Soon Koscielny equalized and it was up for grabs. Then Kieran Gibbs missed what appeared to be an absolute sitter and we entered what I called the Birmingham fuck up phase of the match.
The world famous Bangalore weather had been awesome all day, but it began to rain and it was a persistent sort of rain. I was afraid my Tata Sky would conk off soon, but BESCOM gave up first - with the matches entering extra time. Soon twitter told me that Atletico had held on for a draw for a truly magnificent La Liga triumph, while our match had gone into extra time.
So as I sat there in complete darkness with the rains pouring outside - and a mobile phone with about 14% battery left - I could not even frantically refresh my twitter app - because of fear of the battery draining out entirely. The extra time felt like an entirety - me left to sit, walk around and sleep on the bed - in darkness - restless - awaiting some sort of dire verdict on my phone - any time.
And then the name - Aaron Ramsey appeared on the Timeline - he appeared to have scored a goal !!! 11 minutes to go - battery with about 8% left or so. I had to ration out my refreshes now - and I probably spent the last 180 seconds or so - just checking my Timex watch and as the seconds ticked by.
It takes great courage to refresh your TL on such moments. You see Arsenal had never won anything in the Twitter age, ( JOKE ) - but words - like CHAMPIONS and YES - appeared on the TL to provide the winning news. Nearly 9 years of barren period - ended in that dark, rainy night for me - and in that moment - it felt good.
You see - not all glorious moments are to be experienced under bright lights with champagne and beer flowing all around and confetti falling from above. You can experience it - just the same, differently but same - in a dark room and a mobile phone,  and feel just as relieved, happy, GLORIOUS.
What I missed, but didn't actually

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