Sunday, May 18, 2014

Arsenal's 11 FA Cup Final Wins !

Last night, Arsenal ended their trophy less run by winning the FA Cup Final vs Hull City at Wembley. This was Arsenal's 11th FA Cup win, which makes them the joint highest in terms of trophy count with Manchester United.

I searched youtube and was pleasantly surprised to see that footage exists for all 11 of these finals - especially the ones from the 1930s.

The FA Cup is the oldest football trophy in the world and has a unique history and tradition. As an Arsenal fan, these cup wins are a wonderful way to connect back to the club's past glories and great players and managers. I enjoyed watching and then compiling these highlights. In case you are an Arsenal fan - hope you do. In case you are not - I still recommend watching the really old ones - they make for an interesting viewing.

1) 1930 FA Cup: Arsenal beat Huddersfield Town 2-0.


1936 Final: Arsenal beat Sheffield United 1-0.


1950 Final: Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0.

1971 Final: Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-1

1979 Final: Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-2.

1993 Final: Replay: Arsenal beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 in  a replay. Original match: 1-1.

1998 Final: Arsenal beat Newcastle United 2-0.

2002 Final: Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-0.

2003 Final: Arsenal beat Southampton 1-0.

2005 Final (Penalties): Arsenal beat Manchester United 5-4 on penalties. Match ended 0-0.

2014 Final: Arsenal beat Hull City 3-2.

PS: Arsenal celebrated this latest win with an open top bus parade etc today and videos and telecast of that are available all over the place. Here's how they celebrated in 1936 and it is interesting to watch.

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  1. Lovely stuff here, even for a non-regular follower of club football. And congrats on the win!


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