Sunday, February 9, 2014

Question Marks

What do you make of this Indian Cricket Team ? Do you think this series of win-less tours in South Africa and New Zealand is a continuation of the horrors of England and Australia tours of 2011-12 or is it a new beginning ? Do you enjoy the cricket that they are playing which lead to the Jo'burg and Auckland test matches being such close finishes ? Or are you completely in despair because we haven't won overseas in an awfully long time ?
Do you look forward to seeing a top six of Vijay, Dhawan, Pujara, Kohli, Rohit and Rahane ? Or are you outraging because your own personal favorite does not make the side ? How long do you think Murali Vijay will play test cricket ? Are you encouraged because he seems to bat for quite some time as an opener against the new ball ? Or are you mad it at him because he gets out after getting starts ? Are you still mad at him - because he is MURALI VIJAY ? What do you make of Shikhar Dhawan ? Do you think he will be a top class opener ? Do you think 2 hundreds and 7 failures is an acceptable success rate for an opening batsman ? Do you think Pujara and Kohli are well on the way to being all time greats ? Do you look forward to seeing them bat like you did for Dravid and Tendulkar in their pomp ? Are you convinced yet by Rohit Sharma ? Or will you never be convinced by Rohit Sharma ? Does Rahane give you hope with his little cameos and technique ? Are you happy with a keeper batsman in MSD who averages 38 or so ? Or are you unhappy with a keeper batsman in MSD who averages 38 or so ?
Are you a Ravindra Jadeja convert because he is electric in the field, takes wickets and hits out at batting at 8 ? Or are you shocked to see him as India's number one spinner ? Do you think Ashwin is the best all rounder in the world ? Or do you think he is shockingly inept as an overseas spinner ? Do you think Pragyan Ojha should play more for India ? Or do you think he has no chance as long as he can't bat ? What do you think about India's pace bowling ? Do you even want to think about India's pace bowling ? Does India's bowling have pace ? Does India have a bowling ? Who bowls for India ? Does it matter ? Why should India have to bowl ? Why should we have to see India bowl ? Should Zaheer Khan still be playing for India ? Should Ishant Sharma play for India ? Does Mohd Shami give you even a little bit of hope ? Are you already ready with your jokes when he drops his little pace ? Why have we forgotten about Umesh Yadav ? Will Bhuvi ever cut it as a test bowler ?
What do you make of our fielding ? When will we have a decent slip cordon that takes its catches ? Are you happy with the number of run-outs that we get ?
When will India next win test matches abroad ? Will India ever win test matches abroad ? Do you think DRS is a joke or not having DRS is a joke ? Does it even matter with all the shenanigans going around with world cricket ? Is your approach to watching a cricket match different now, with The Paper being in Position ? Are you anti BCCI or pro BCCI ? Are you Anti BCCI or Anti Indian cricket team ? Are you Anti BCCI But Pro Indian cricket team ?
Do you watch test cricket or just tweet about it ? Do you give a damn about what is happening now or are you sanguine ? Are you looking forward to the next test match or just waiting for the IPL ? Do you get up early morning to watch test cricket or do you create pivots on spreadsheets to analyse the upcoming auction ? Do you do both or neither ? Will cricket survive Srini ? Will it be stronger because of him ? Or will it do alright in-spite of him ? Do you have answers ? Or just some more questions like I have ?
PS: Idea of the post taken from this post by 7amkickoff 

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