Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thank You Sachin !

I have heard many people talking about their favourite food. And I have heard a lot of people say that the food cooked by their mother is their favourite - Maa ke haath ka khana as they say. I guess it is an Indian thing. Perhaps it is a question of taste which has got developed from childhood, perhaps it is in its simplicity, perhaps it is in the love involved all around. And when you don't have it - you miss it a lot. 

Sachin playing cricket is the cricketing equivalent of Maa ke haath ka khana for me. It has been a constant companion since my early childhood just like Maa ke haath ka khana. Just like a mother's cuisine also evolves over the years with new dishes, while still retaining its inherent simplicity, so has Sachin's batting.  I have been captivated by his many avatars and styles - from the pristine simplicity of his early years, to its evolved functionality of the latter years - complete with its constant improvisations and adjustments - it has always been a joy to watch. Talk about love - there has never been any shortage of that - for Maa ke haath ka khana and Sachin. And By God - I will miss Sachin's batting - when it is over. Like I miss Maa ke haath ka khana when I am not at home.

I have been lucky to have been an involved, devoted fan of this 24 year journey of Sachin Tendulkar the cricketer. It runs parallel to my entire conscious life. Like Maa ke haath ka khana, I have known nothing better than it as a cricket fan. Not because it was factually or actually the best, but because over time - it had become a part of my life, my identity. It was simply a matter of faith, of belief, of taste. Some people will not GET this feeling that I have, but I think some will. Either way, it's fine. I agree with what Sidvee wrote when Sachin retired from the ODI format

To understand us is to take into account the moral, physical and aesthetic effect of Tendulkar. To feel your pain, when he retires (edit)... is to know what it means to grow up with him.

I think Mathew Hayden said it most eloquently:
When Tendulkar goes out to bat, it is beyond chaos - it is a frantic appeal by a nation to one man. 
Sachin has been trying to answer this frantic appeal by a nation for a long time. And by doing that - he enriched my life enormously.

Thank You Sachin.
Sachin batting: The closest to a spiritual experience for me.

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  1. What a comparision, truly he has become a habit! Loved this piece from you


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