Saturday, May 25, 2013

What sort of fan are you ?

So what sort of a fan are you ?

1) The totally outraged fanatic: - part of the so called "Betrayed Billion". You know the billion that is currently just angry at everything. You are a die-hard cricket  IPL fan and hashtag your tweets with things like #WhistlePodu #ApneMunde #AkhaMumbaiKhelega #Towel-laga. The "billion" which was rudely tripped while it was doing its Jumping Jhapaks. I am told that you are being hunted but not being found.

2) The disappointed cricket fan. You think - you are a sensible cricket fan. You like cricket in all formats - perhaps you have a slight soft spot for test cricket, but you don't mind watching the IPL too. In fact you enjoy watching talents like David Miller come to the fore with their skills here.  You used to like how IPL gave a chance for young Indian players to play with global stars, but are disappointed that all that might be ending now. You think the system needs a clean up - in fact has been needing one from a long time. You are disappointed now and are forced to go retweet and comment on Sidvee's posts.

3) The slightly naive cricket fan: You are as disappointed as the next person about what is going on, but are still hopeful that things will be fine. You know, you like what Harsha Bhogle speaks and writes.

4) The slightly smug snobbish cricket fan. You have been calling IPL a sham, a scam for the longest time. Whether you have problem with the format of the game or the economics and principles behind it,  it looks like you are now enjoying it all unraveling before you.

5) The I knew - it type troll on a roll: You really like things like this. And you are really enjoying this. Right now, you don't mind retweeting articles asking for cricket to be banned, but basically you claim with the benefit of hindsight that you saw this coming and how.

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