Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disappointed Love ?

After last Sunday's match against Manchester United, where as expected the returning Robin van Persie got a little bit booed by the Emirates crowd, Arsene Wenger described it with a typical Wengerism - calling it a case of "Disappointed Love" instead of "real aggression. The nature of sports and fandom is such that some people will be disappointed all the time. So here are three incidents - that could be termed cases of Disappointed Love. Maybe - may be not.

1) India vs Sri Lanka, World Cup 1996, Semi -final at Eden Gardens, Calcutta. India were chasing 252 for a place in the final, but once Tendulkar was dismissed, the team completely capitulated in the Calcutta cauldron and the match ended prematurely with rioting in the stands. This was a case of immense disappointment on the spot from an expectant crowd as their dreams were dashed on a crumbling pitch.

Rioting in the Garden of Eden

2) Luis Figo's transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid. Football transfers between rivals are always contentious and and create far too much hate and vitriol. As an Arsenal fan, I have looked at both sides of the coin, the signing of Sol Campbell from Tottenham generated incredible hatred from that lot, but Arsenal fans have recently been plenty aggrieved in the cases of the transfers of blokes like Cashley Cole and Robin van Persie. However, nothing quite like this.
Luis Figo was a bonafide hero and legend at the Nou Camp, but then Real Madrid came with an offer that he could not refuse and he went on to join what became known as the galacticos. This betrayal by the Portuguese superstar was not taken kindly as he was greeted with a pig's head on his return to the Nou Camp. The galacticos and the pig's head are all part of history now.

You know it's serious when severed heads of pigs are flying

3) Lebron James leaving Cleveland for Miami: I was a NBA fan, but way back in the 90s. I stopped following it regularly a long time back and my interest in the NBA had waned as  I had become a casual, occassional onlooker. However, when  hometown hero Lebron James decided to make his announcement of his transfer of taking his talents to another franchise, the whole world was made aware of it - s o much so that they created a pseudo reality show out of it. Not surprisingly, the folks in Cleveland, Ohio did not like it much, with this photo summing it up in one word.

Gone Baby Gone

So come on then, let me know of more cases of Epic Disappointed Love ? Or a little bit - real aggression. With the handbrake off.

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  1. KTK disbanding and Gopuman having to go to RR and allegedly getting corrupted there and falling from Grace... :D


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