Monday, March 18, 2013

Pup Fiction

pup [puhp]  noun, verb, pupped, pup·ping

1. a young dog, puppy.
2. Nickname of the greatest non retired Australian batsman.

Before Australia came to India, Michael Clarke had scored 1 triple century, 3 double centuries and 1 single century since the start of 2012, in his last 12 test matches. He was in the form of his life and was arguably the best batsman on the planet. He promptly went on to score a fluent 100 in the first innings of the test series at Chennai. 
Since then, something remarkable has happened. He has been dismissed 5 times out of the 6 innings that he has batted, by the same bowler - Ravindra Jadeja. To say that Ravindra Jadeja has made him his bunny would be an understatement.

One of the wickets was extraordinary enough to create some really silly journalism

Not only this, some people have been inspired to create what I might call some fiction on wikipedia.

But jokes aside, what we are seeing is the emergence of an extremely talented all rounder in the test arena. Right now, his bowling is creating all sorts of trouble for the opposition, but as someone who has 3 triple hundreds in First Class cricket, it should not be long before the runs start coming for Sir !

Here is a possible explanation of what has happened - just think of Michael Clarke's innings as bullets :)

PS: Fun Fact: India's favourite ring tone gets its name from 2 characters of Pulp Fiction - Jadeja and Clarke - I mean - Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.

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