Sunday, March 3, 2013

On Wenger

Is Arsene Wenger still up for a fight ? Does he look motivated enough for his job ? Does he want to make Arsenal win trophies ? Does he want it bad ? Like, Real Bad ? Does he think he can turn it around and make things right ? DOES HE WANT TO WIN ?
The answer to all these questions in my opinion is YES. Like a very big YES.
However, is he capable of turning this around ? Is he capable of motivating his players to do greater things ? Does he make the right decisions in the transfer market anymore ? Does he still have the knack of unearthing gems and making them world class players ? Can he still get Arsenal to play great football ? Can he make Arsenal successful once again ?
The answer to all these questions in my opinion is NO. Sadly, NO.
My lack of faith in him for the present and the future does not mean that my gratitude for what he has done in the past is any less. These are two different things. Just like what he feels he can do and what I feel he can do.
These are my opinions and only my opinions and I state it respectfully. 

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