Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ishant's greatest trick

Ishant Sharma is playing his 48th test match for India. He has137 Wickets at an average of 38 and a strike rate of 67.6. At the moment, among bowlers who have bowled more than 9000 balls in test cricket and one who plays as a specialist bowler, he is probably the worst pace bowler and one of the worst bowlers ever. Go through his records series by series -  a few good one-off matches or series thrown in along with a lot of poor returns. What is worse is that his record is not getting any better - it is becoming worse !
I have nothing personal against him. His spell at Perth will forever be a part of Indian cricketing lore. But the guy is literally - learning to bowl at the highest stage. He is not good enough for test cricket at the moment. But it is the selectors who need to be questioned for giving him 48 test matches (and counting). Maybe we don't have better options but till we try newcomers we will never know. Why does he keep getting chances over and over again and others don't get a game ? Is it because he is still perceived to be "promising" and "talented" ?
It is all very confusing, but I think Mr. Kevin Spacey sums it up very well. The bloke has gone under the radar.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you. And there are many good options who are getting ignored. For example, look up the stats of the following:

    Abid Nabi
    Basant Mohanty
    Pankaj Singh
    Iresh Saxena
    Sumit Narwal
    Anand Rajan
    Vikramjeet Malik
    Rishi Dhawan
    Rakesh Dhruv
    Suraj Yadav
    Ishwar Pandey
    Siddarth Kaul

    I am not saying each of these is intl level. Maybe a few might just be military medium, but selectors need to keep an eye on them and try them for India A and then decide.

    I firmly believe, that in spite of most experts talking about lack of bowling talents in the country, there are many who are not spotted. If grooming is done properly and selections are done fairly, India would do much better than it is doing right now.


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