Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How I wish I was awake last night

Midweek football at midnight is something that is generally beyond me. After spending nearly 10 hours of the day staring at excel sheets and emails, I find it almost impossible to stay awake for an Arsenal midweek game, be it the Champions League or the League Cup(now called The Capital One Cup), unless of course it is against a major opponent and the game promises a lot.
A Capital One Cup Round of 16 match against Reading FC is not really my idea of an enticing encounter and with the match starting at 1.15 am and after a long day in the office, I really had no energy left in me to watch. On some nights, while I don't sit in front of the telly, my anxiety results in my checking the score every 5 mins on my phone till we take a decent (what I think) lead or the match is over. Last night however, I was absolutely calm. I really wasn't thinking much about the match. I thought well, it's Reading, we will probably eke out a One Nil.
So when I woke up at around 6 and checked the score on my mobile - it said: Reading 5 - Arsenal 7. Wow, I thought the match went to a penalty shoot out and we managed to win. No, wait !! It says Reading 5 - Arsenal 7 (AET). AFTER EXTRA TIME. THERE WERE 12 DAMN GOALS IN 120 MINUTES. OH MY GOD !!
Later, as I checked the match reports, went through my Twitter Time Line and after seeing the highlights now, I just realized that this was a quite astonishing game of football, which ended with a tennis scoreline. How I wish, I was awake last night !
This probably reminds us again of two things: Any football game can produce something spectacular, you never know. And more importantly, it ain't over, till it is over.
Nevertheless, putting up the highlights here (till they take it down eventually). And hopefully a more permanent link here. 

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