Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Open letter to the Gen-Next Indian Test Batsman

Note: I had written this quite some time back, but never published. Just doing it today with a minor edit or two. This is just for laughs - ok ?

Dear Gen-Next Indian Test Batsman,
I am a cricket fan for well over 20 years now. During this time, I have fallen in love with the game and like one ad once said - have spent considerable part of my childhood and youth - eating, sleeping and drinking cricket. And during this time I have supported the national team. In bad times and good.
More importantly, I was lucky enough to have the chance to idolize a bunch of cricketers who were 10-15 years older than me. I looked up to them, hero-worshiped them and over time they became an integral part of my life and my personality. They were not flawless individuals, each had their qualities and each had their flaws.
Now I have grown older. And all my heroes (other than THE ONE) are finished playing test cricket. And YOU are taking their places in the team. And I have grown older. I am older than YOU. So I will not be hero-worshiping the likes of you. I will always be comparing YOU with my heroes, who let's face it were some of the best batsmen the game of cricket has ever seen. And it will be tough for you to deal with the comparison. I will also compare your opponents with some of the opposition my heroes played against. And the comparison will generally be unfavorable towards you, considering the declining standards in world cricket today, especially when it comes to fast bowling.
What's more, I find that you earn a lot. And by that I mean a lot. Lot more than what my heroes and more importantly a lot more than ME. No doubt, I am jealous of you.
So, the bottom line is you have to keep improving your skills and make most of the few opportunities that you will get of playing in tough conditions like Australia, South Africa and England to create an impression.
What's more, I will have very little time to watch you. I am more likely to form an impression about you reading a Cricinfo match report than actually watch you play. And in the limited times that I watch you bat, especially on days that you will be facing the few good men remaining like Steyn and Anderson. you better be on your A-game on those days.
I also have one more important tool in my hand. I (and thousands more like me) have access to Social Networks. YOU will be scrutinized on BLOGS, made fun on Facebook on and cribbed about on Twitter.
Net-net, this will not be easy for you. So bring it on, punk !
Yours sincerely,
An Old Indian Cricket Fan.

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