Saturday, August 25, 2012

A question about emails

All of us cubicle dwellers get hundreds of emails, literally dozens by the hour. Some are FYA, some are FYI, some are professional, some are personal and so on. Then there are threads where you wonder why on earth am I marked in this chain at all. There are group mails and chain mails. There are those in DO NOT FORWARD mode. There are system generated mails and out of office mails. Some require immediate replies, while others require immediate deletion. The list goes on and on.
It is one of my many weaknesses that I struggle to cope up with email traffic and manage my inbox. The organization of my email inbox is as chaotic as a crossroad in Bangalore. But then I have seen others do it much better and so I realize that the problem is with me. So let's move on to the question I would like to pose which is:
Is it acceptable to shut down your email client (or say close your browser if your email is web based), such that you do not get constant notifications about incoming mails, when you want to really concentrate and do some important work at hand ?
I really don't know the answer for this. I find that I work much better when I have my Outlook window closed. Sometimes it has happened accidentally, and I have worked peacefully and productively for an hour or so, only to then get a call or shout out from someone that I have received an urgent mail which needs immediate attention.
I would love to know your views about this.

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  1. Came across this article, very relevant to your question.


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