Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stranger than Fiction

Last night, while having dinner and switching through channels when Extraa Innings and all that was happening I watched Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanomo Bay for some time. I had seen the movie before, but it is hilarious and I always love watching it. Then I read this today and my mind immediately went back to the interrogation scene in the movie. Watch the scene and then the video below it where a CM accusses college going girls about being Maoists. The first one is intentionally funny, the second one is not. But both are about people in power, having absolutely lost it and accussing people of being their imaginary enemies. Or something like that.

PS: 20th May: Today's The Telegraph carries a superb response from the student accused by Mamata Banerjee to be a Maoist. Read it here.
I was  also looking forward to how Derek O Brien reacted and defended his leader. His first few tweets shown below hardly inspired confidence. There appears to be no suggestion of a mistake - let alone an admission.

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