Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Faking News

Thought of putting together some random WTF news/ posts from the last fortnight or so.
1) The Rail Budget (Ok will stop here).
2) An MP's security guard pissing on a passenger. In a Train. The MP is from TMC. Whatay delightful.
3) Maoists releasing hostage to NDTV. Yes, NDTV, not the police. And not Arnab Goswami !! What were they thinking ?
4) Poonam Pandey nearly caused a communal riot in Kolkata. Thanks to the Telegraph.
5) Delhi High Court saying that sex is important in marriage. Please read for more details. This is about a week after the Chennai high court said this
6) Came across this link on FB/ Twitter, where you can try and block a seat next to a "lady" in bus journeys. 
7) Bangladesh Cricket Board, seeking to reverse result of Asia Cup Final. Very soon, we will have court room battles to decide close cricket matches. 

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