Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Geoffrey Boycott Alarm

How do you get up in the morning ? Chances are you use an alarm. What sort of an alarm ? An old school alarm clock ? Or a bollywood hit  belted out on your mobile phone ? Well, for a long time I had "Emotional Atyachar" from DevD as my alarm ring tone, because getting up for office is exactly that.
Anyway, back to the point. I love Audioboo. I am not sure why it is not yet popular among my friends or say, the twitter junta that I interact with. I do keep checking it out randomly, and last night I discovered this.
The Geoffrey Boycott Alarm. I am not sure whether it is an imitation or it is indeed Sir Geoffrey's voice. But by God, it is fun. And your grandmum will like it. Check it out.

Geoffrey Boycott Alarm (mp3)

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