Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There and back again !

First things first. A definition. GilbertoSilver tells us What is va va voom?
It’s many things. It’s a style, an attitude. It’s a grace, an impudence, a gallic flair. It’s instant control, a side-footed finish, and a shrug of celebration......
Last night I had a dream. Correction, I SAW a dream. I am certain millions of Arsenal fans across the world saw the same dream, at the same time. Live. About 60,000 in the stadium and the rest like me on their TV sets. Thierry Henry played for Arsenal Football Club and scored a goal. A winning goal !
Everybody loves old heroes to return. Now and then, you get to see famous stars come back and play - perhaps a benefit match, or a testimonial. Or even a veterans tournament. You check that out, you feel happy, you remember the good times.
You see that in films too, an old hero returns for a cameo appearance. You get a little nostalgic perhaps and giddy eyed for a moment. You feel good.
But, what if the return is for real ? If only for a short time, but for real. In the middle of a season, when you are struggling, you get the boost of your greatest ever striker turning up for a couple of months. You feel delighted. You wait with bated breath to see what magic awaits you. At the same time, it is at the back of your mind., that you should not expect miracles, this is not the same player anymore. He cannot be.
Except that when he got the chance last night - he just reminded you - how good he can still be.
Thierry Henry was a teenage hero of mine. I really have no words to describe him other than a hero. He was one of the most important reasons for me having a happy life back then. I used to worship him. When he took that sublime first touch, opened up his body and sidefooted the ball into the back of the net - inside out - in an oh so familiar fashion, time stopped. Bang in the middle of the night here in India. It felt like being transported back in time. Deja vu ! Va va voom !
I started with one great blogger. I will end with what another great one - Tim Stillman has to say here.
"..When you stick around it for enough years and you penetrate the hype of Sky`s 'Super, Mega, Ultra Sunday`, you see that every game is a potential classic. Every match a potential soap opera. And every game has a potential storyline that just lifts you up and takes you away. That gifts you the sort of moments that can make you smile at your desk, despite the chronic lack of sleep. It`s true you have to wade through some mediocre fare to get them, but when you do, it makes every second worth it. Life doesn`t give you many moments like that. But if you stick around long enough, football will give you plenty.
On the face of it and to the uninitiated, a 1-0 win 3rd Round Cup win over lower league opposition on a Monday evening has no right to produce such emotion. But it does. And there`s no explaining or rationalising it. You either get it or you don`t..."

By God, this was one such moment. Thank you Thierry Henry.

Welcome Home



  1. I saw the goal and was instantly reminded of you. A very heartwarming post.

  2. Thanks Suhel. It was heartwarming. Glad you saw it too.


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