Monday, January 9, 2012

The game, Mrs Hudson, is on

I don't do (more accurately - can't do) movie reviews, and I rarely watch TV shows. A combination of factors such as : a) Being a childhood Sherlock Holmes fan;  b) glowing reviews from a number of folks, including this one from @udupendra and c) some free time, meant that I watched Sherlock finally this weekend. IMDB currently rates it a 9. I would say that with a rating of 9, it is under-rated.
This particular version of Sherlock, created by Mark Gatsis and Steven Moffat, has got far less hype than the Guy Ritchie movies in India, at least. But I think, judging by twitter, the series is slowly gaining viewership and popularity.
A detailed review of a detective show would mean that I give out spoilers and so will not give out too many. This reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes is set in 21st century London, in a digital age, filled with mobile phones and blogs. This Sherlock now uses Text messages instead of Telegrams, Dr Watson writes an online blog about Sherlock's cases instead of a hand written diary. And yet, and yet, despite the dramatic change in surroundings, and over a century of difference in time, the series remains faithful to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creation in a wonderful way. It took me less than 10 minutes into the first episode - A Study in Pink, to be absolutely smitten. Here when Holmes takes Watson's mobile phone (In Conan Doyle's original - it was his pocket watch I think) and summarizes his past using that, you can instantly start feeling the links to the original. And this feeling has continued through all the 4 episodes so far (3 in Season 1 and 1 in Season 2). I admit that someone who has read the books will love it more, but even if you have not, I would think the show has more than enough to attract you. Each episode is 90 minutes long and so is practically movie length.
A word about the two leads. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes is charismatic, enigmatic, brilliant and talks even faster than Jesse Eisenberg. Cumberbatch is bloody brilliant just like his character. Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson, plays the perfect straight faced foil. Freeman as Watson comes across just as you would have imagined Watson as a kid, without the moustache :).
There is not much else to add here. Watch it ASAP. As he says these days - The Game, Mrs Hudson, IS ON.
PS: Quick Edit on 22nd Jan to put my ratings for the 6 episodes in the first 2 seasons. I watched the last of the episodes this Friday night.
S1, E1: A Study in Pink: 9.5/10.
S1, E2: The Blind Baker: 8/10
S1, E3: The Great Game: 8/10
S2, E1: A Scandal in Belgravia: 9/10
S2, E2: The Hounds of Baskerville: 8.5/10
S2, E3: The Reichenbach Fall: 8/10.
As in the original post, I am not offering any explanations for the ratings to avoid giving out spoilers. It would be fun to compare them with other fans of the show.


  1. I love this Sherlock series even better than the movies! I haven’t seen the second season yet so a treat is in store for me.

  2. Watched 4 of 6 so far, and "Scandal in Belgravia" is 9.9, imho.



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