Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Third Man

The recently concluded England vs India Test Series and the subsequent limited overs matches are possibly best forgotten soon. But if nothing else, there will be plenty of memories of Dravid. Rahul Dravid batting. And Emoting. I am not sure how he has felt througout this ordeal, seeing one team mate after another perish. To injuries and to the English. And he has to deal with some tough conditions, tough bowling. And at times tough umpiring. The Bangalore boy has not got too much help from technology either. Yet he has kept on going about his business. As usual. Or maybe not. There has been a bit more feeling about this tour. Raw, pent up, emotions have come out. Of positive delight and uninhibited joy. His Pieterson like celebrations at Lords...

His disgust at dropping catches with this cap throwdown moment at Edgbaston (described so poignantly here by S Dayanand )...
His pumped up, wide eyed demeanor in his T20 debut / swansong, where he hit 3.. yes THREE consecutive sixes....

But among all this, some things have not changed. He has remained as classy, as dignified as ever both on and off the field. He has handled tricky interviews - on the DRS, on the Ian Bell goof up and generally on how bad the Indian Team have been, with grace and honesty. 
Dravid in England has given us all this:
Three Centuries in Tests. Three Sixes in a row in T20. At his best dabbing the ball to Third Man.
India's Greatest Ever Number Three.
Rahul Dravid. More epic than Carol Reed and Graham's Greene The Third Man.
To Dear Jammy. Love and Respect.

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