Saturday, July 30, 2011

How shite is Indian cricket ?

This has been that type of an English summer. When words like sabotage, mockery and most of all ARROGANT have been used to describe Indian cricket and its players.
It started with the Daryl Harper incident in the Caribbean, which left MSD looking like playing the unrepentant villain, prompting the veteran  Mr. Peter Roebuck to write: Dhoni needs to rethink his approach to the game. Fair points all, I suppose from a respected journalist - so listen up fellas. Moving on to England and the Indian team was greeted with this headline from the immensely wise Mr. James Lawton of The Independent: 
James Lawton: Arrogant tourists' refusal to embrace technology was nothing short of sabotage . Among other things, this article had this really impressive line: "The Indians say that the predictive capacity of Hawk-Eye is less than infallible and, scientifically and practically, they may have a point..."  Not much for us to say in rebuttal, is there ? In any case, as the bloke from DeepBackwardPoint has anyway admitted - we are arrogant
But presumably having attended courses on persuasive communication and being an exponent of the theory of broken records, and also presumably thinking that most readers are stupid and need to be told things again and again, he came up with this even more hard hitting headline: James Lawton: Arrogance to blame if India abdicate their no 1 throne 
Here are a few gems: "...Abdicated, that is, their role as the cricket nation of the richest talent best equipped to play all forms of the game.

And why? Maybe because they got too rich, too arrogant too sure about their ability to cherry-pick the profits that came with the explosion of popularity, however fleeting, of Twenty20, and their eventually nerveless triumph in the recent World Cup. The Indian conclusion, all the evidence suggests, is that they were simply good enough to skim along, riding their natural gifts and luxuriating in their newly achieved, money-based power..."
Somewhere in between MSD turned his arm over for a few overs during the Lord's test which lead India's other world cup winning captain Kapil Dev, calling it a mockery of test cricket
The English would like to think of India with a patronising view as described here. But these days, they tend to concentrate on India and its financial clout more as this interesting read shows. 
So let us sum up all that has gone wrong:
1) We have behaved arrogantly on the field with an umpire who gets 96% of his decisions right and made derisive comments about him after the match.
2) We have sabotaged test cricket, again by being arrogant, and not using the DRS.
3) We have acted "timidly and selfishly" by refusing to chase a target against the West Indies to protect a 1-0 series lead.
4) We have again been arrogant to go into the test series against England by playing only one warm up match.
5) We have made mockery of test cricket with our arrogant captain coming on to bowl, when the team's number one fast bowler got injured.
6) Our number one fast bowler was arrogant enough to come into the test team by playing just one warm up match thereby sabotaging the team's chances and a great contest.
7) We have lost the 2000th test match, which was played at Lord's.
8) Sachin Tendulkar failed to get on to the hallowed honour's board at Lord's - something he will regret forever with Matthew Hoggard
9) Our gentle medium pacer Praveen Kumar showed dissent against the umpire to get fined. It was so bad that that Pavops wrote this !!!
10) We have made Barbie look and feel like a world champion.
11) We still have Harbhajan Singh playing test cricket for us. 
I could take all this (other than Point No 10), but this next thing pissed me off. A rather badly written, part satire, part troll in the Telegraph, got so much under the skin of Indian "fans" that it is unreal. And the Telegraph is taking the piss with this piece here . WTF DUDES !! If the countrymen of @bigfatphoenix and @sidin, if you can't get this - I don't know what to say. 
HOW SHITE is the Indian Board, the Indian Team and the Indian Cricket Fan ??? HOW SHITE is Indian cricket ??? 
All this in a year, when this happened.

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