Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why is the BCCI against DRS ?

With the World Cup won and the IPL over, there really is not much out there for cricket fans to talk about. Other than the Decision Review System (DRS) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) (no relation to the more popular Bored Cricket Crazy Indians)  refusal of accepting the system in all bilateral series. Involving India that is.
So what are the reasons for BCCI not accepting the DRS ? Choose the right answer from the below options:
Option 1: The BCCI do not have an internal DRS. So having once decided to say no to the system, they do not have any mechanism to review it. Hence they are stuck with not accepting it.
Option 2: To maintain the fairness of the game: The BCCI took the allegation of Pakistani journalist Shahzad Chaudhry extremely seriously after Sachin Tendulkar was given not out by the DRS in the semi final. The journalist had this to say " The IT hubs of Bengaluru worked overtime to provide Tendulkar the escape in the Decision Referral System (DRS) when he was actually plumb on an arm ball of Saeed Ajmal ". So in order to maintain fairness, the BCCI refuses to use the DRS.
Option 3: Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and the BCCI by not having the DRS is trying to preserve this tradition. So, as umpires will continue to have the power to give random decisions, the viewer is kept on the edge of the seat and allows commentators like Sunil Gavaskar to talk about the glorious uncertainties of the game. With stupid Nobojit Sing Shiddu.
Option 4: It's not all that complicated - it is because as the Bored Members have pointed out here.
The DRS: Making Geometry popular in high schools since 2011

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