Saturday, May 14, 2011

Left Over !

They say - All good things come to an end. Thankfully, some bad things come to an end as well. The CPI(M) led West Bengal govt's rule finally came to an end after 34 long years. A govt which did nothing but Suppress Oppress and Depress the people of the state, which did Atyachar which was not just Emotional,  was given a long over due break by the people of the state.
I have mentioned it before - the communist rule in WB was like The Matrix, where the party - the machinery, the cadre - invaded every sphere of your life. A regime which, after its initial achievements in land reforms, became so power hungry, so controlling, so dark - that it pushed one of India's most forward, progressive states to the back of the queue. It made West Bengal - the leader in the number of sick industries in the country, by a country mile. It converted the state into a running joke of playing Counter-strike - where more than 60% of the entire nation's manday's lost used to happen there on account of bandhs/ hartals/gherao and other such time pass.It blocked education in English. And thanks to historical blunders, it made itself and West Bengal a redundant entity in the national arena. In hindsight, the bigger historic blunder has been that of the people of having the CPI(M) rule for such a long time. As Kolkata's leading daily points out - it is now a graveyard.
The state of West Bengal had become a lot like the West Indies cricket team, the only thing "Western" about them, being their name. A place/team which had a glorious past, but is in a terminal state of decline. One where the best talent cannot stay and make a decent living, but has to seek greener pastures outside. And all one keeps doing there is keep thinking of the heritage and the past.
Budhadeb Bhattacharya will be looked back like Ricky Ponting. So, while Ponting lead Australia to their first Ashes defeat in nearly two decades, Budha Babu "led" his comrades to their first defeat in assembly elections in 34 years. The fact that they have been living in denial, in complacency, in their own reality is best summed up by listening to their veteran (one of their many) leader Biman Bose over the last few days. He called the alliance of the TMC and Congress - one formed under US pressure !!! With all the exit polls, clearly showing a massive win for the TMC, he said something like this. And even after the defeat - he basically dismissed exit polls as fluke !!!
A few words on the lady who single handedly destroyed the Myth, the Monster, the invincible Marxist government. For all her hystrionics and madness, one cannot deny that there is no bigger fighter in India's political landscape than Mamata Banerjee. In 1991, a CPI(M) goon fractured her head in 1991 at Hajra crossing. 20 years later, she was still there fighting, and this time, they were calling her a whore . If nothing else, one cannot just be amazed by her single minded determination to fight the Communists.
We do not know where the state will go under her rule. A lot of the intelligentsia have very low expectations from the TMC and Mamata. This from @greatbong is a balanced piece on the state of affairs.
For me the best part has been the to know that the Communists can be defeated. The fact that people can vote out a government, and bring about a "Poriborton" is what gives me optimism. It has made elections and voters - relevant once again. No longer will future elections be mere formalities and foregone conclusions. The results should make the losers a little humble and the winners a little responsible. I honestly had given up hope of seeing a non Left front government in Bengal. But the unthinkable happened and how. Yeh Laal Rang Ab Hume Chorega !!!


  1. Apt piece. Timing right out of Sri Offside Ganguly's books.

    Mondays truly have been reduced to sordid jokes, however, MaMaati Banerjee may have contributed to those Bandhs and Hartaals with equal gusto.

    This post captured the present mood of Bengal perfectly.Especially the comparison with the WI cricket team is spot on.

    One issue though, The Kwality/Park Street background is a serious distraction for sensitive readers.

  2. This is the kind of balanced, objective writing (which Greatbong has mastered) which warms the cockles of the heart.

    As Tanmay pointed, Didi may herself not be much of a poriborton, but if there ever was a true victory for democracy this was it.

    Ironically, I post this while watching a West Indian (Gayle) tearing the Kolkata team apart.

  3. Paulie, aside a Bong, if someone has the right to comment on this post its a mallu ( albiet a half mallu - :P )

    can relate to many of the ills of communism that you mentioned, especially the part of not getting the opportunity to earn and thrive in what we consider home.. we are forced to seek a life outside because of the rampant strike culture. while the comrades of bengal can claim the credit for opposing english in schools, fellow comrades of kerala have the bragging rights when it comes to opposing computers.

    communist politics is bit like being a doctor, you are relevant only if people are miserable.. while a doctor needs people to be sick, the commies are relevant if people are poor and downtrodden. why will they wanna alleviate the situation of the poor and thereby lose their core constituency.. as the bard put it - there lies the dilemna. :D

    I'd like to sum up by saying - communism is easily the best form of politics, and ironically communists are the worst kind os politicians.


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