Monday, April 25, 2011

Rabindra Sangeet in Films

I grew up in a family, where Rabindra Sangeet was always around, my mom being a devoted exponent. However, I was not the art appreciating type as a kid and till date my knowledge of Bangla art, culture, movies and music is extremely limited. However, I do miss listening to Bangla songs a lot these days - especially since I have been out of Kolkata for quite some time.
This last Saturday - the best of Bangali tweeters were discussing about Ray's death anniversary, and one or two links from their tweets led me to some youtube videos of Rabindra Sangeet songs in Bangla movies. I had no idea of the existence of these videos being there before. I am utterly smitten by the beauty and simplicity of the cinematography which blends so perfectly with these beautiful songs. Check them out. Lovely stuff.

1st edit: Adding this thanks to Oldmonk_mgm's link after the post.

2nd edit: Found this gem now.

PS1: Thanks to @oldmonk_mgm, @bongopondit and co who had that lovely discussion on twitter last Saturday.
PS2: How beautiful is Madhabi Mukherjee !!!

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