Friday, April 22, 2011

Protect the Indian Wedding MEAL !!!

It is a well known fact among my family and my (very few) friends that I dislike attending weddings. I find very few good reasons to attend them. Very often, as a kid, and then as a teenager, I was forced to attend weddings of folks I had never met before and never met afterwards as well. The wonderfully weird traditions and customs at weddings also never made any sense to me - like where the girl hides her face from the boy or whatever. What made me go to weddings along with my parents was that if I didn't I wouldn't get food to eat for dinner - because there would be none cooked for me. And what made me look forward to - was to have some good food. FOOD was and is the only reason for me to even contemplate of attending a wedding ceremony.
So, when the other day I read this news piece - India to study one-dish wedding law of Pakistan to cut food wastage -  I was frankly disgusted. I mean, you will allow only ONE DISH at a wedding !!!
Ok, wait - what does that even mean. Does it mean
a) You can have only ONE item in the menu for the entire wedding ? ; or
b) You can have n number of items, but each person can have only ONE DISH full of food and no more ?
Let us take scenario a. What would be the ONE Dish that you would want to have. It's like saying - you can have Puri. But no Sabji. It has to be Chicken Biriyani for me. Preferably from Arsalan or Paradise or some iconic place. Otherwise don't bother calling me. And in case you are a vegetarian - try having Tandoori Shaslik Paneer Sizzler or some such dish - where you can throw in as many variety of veggies as possible in a single dish. So we can pick and choose the ones we like. Or ok - duck that stuff. Just have a Blueberry Cheesecake. Fine- eggless if you will.
Option b is interesting. Possible ways out of subverting this would be having massive Railway style Thaalis with lots of compartments for different dishes. At least enough to have a proper Gujarati Thali. Or providing 2 feet long Banana leaves and calling them ONE DISH. And then putting the entire menu card on them.
Whatever it is, it is really a disgusting day when we copy laws from Pakistan.
Protect the Indian Wedding Meal. Protect Indian Culture.
Issued in Public Interest by a food loving Indian.

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