Thursday, March 31, 2011

We ain't got a clue

It was a game which had a lot of mistakes. MSD (as he told later) misread the pitch and included an extra seamer. And so as the game began - a lot many folks including myself were moaning and complaining about having an 11 with Nehra and Munaf - BOTH in it. Sad jokes were cracked throughout the day. And on the other hand - Pakistan created what is surely a genuine Guinness World Record of dropping SRT 4 times. FOUR TIMES. In the end - their mistake proved to be more costly as we posted a competitive total of 260 and then stiffled the Pakis to win it by 29 runs.
Sometimes - we get on the case of some players - far too much than justified. Yes, Munaf Patel is not Glenn Mcgrath. Yes, Ashish Nehra is not Wasim Akram. But -hey - they are part of the best 15 players we have got and so having a little faith would not be too bad. But our "intelligence" often comes in the way of faith as we moan and bitch far too much.
But then again - who doesn't love a pleasant surprise ? And so when these two dudes bowled a couple of wonderful spells - my bosses in the office came up with this - I thought it was very apt. So respect. And love. To the two LEGENDS !!!
For the record - THAT Munaf delivery to get the RAZZLER out was one from Venkatesh Prasad's stock. The leg-cutter to get the most dangerous of death over hitters in the game is the biggest highlight for me to add to the epic IndoPak World Cup moments collection.
This World Cup has been an epic journey for me. There is a lot - lot - to write. But will do that all after the finals. There is one last game to be played. Good Luck India. God-Speed.
PS: Hey Pakistan. The score is FIVE AND O. Yeah 5-0. PAANCH. Ok.

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