Friday, March 25, 2011

Tough Match

There was very little sleep last night. Got up and started working from 5 am to cut the tension. Not very useful. Read this absolutely delightful post from Sidvee on the bus. Mood improved a little. Had some yellow coloured Semige Bath for breakfast. Yellow being the key here.
To give an analogy, the last time I was this tense was on the day of my CA Finals Result. Anyone who has ever become a CA will tell you exactly how nervous one gets on that day. But then again, one can give the exam 6 months down the line, here - today could be Sachin's last World Cup match. There is no turning back from here. As the Indian Express Headline said - It's like death - you don't want to talk or think about it - but when that nasty thought comes.......
Worked very little, full tension about the match. Then it all started, with well of course, MSD losing the toss. Aussies batting first - Brisbane, Mumbai, Oval, Jo'burg - now Motera too - Damn. But well bowled overall - but pRicky scores yet another hundred against us. In a big game. Don't like him - but he is too good. What to do ?
Back home by 6.45 - first ball I watch and there is a referral against Sehwag. Close call but he survives. What follows is the chase of a lifetime. Sachin - Mt 18K, Gambhir - 2 mins of madness. But hey Water Boy was on fire !! Yes, he "fished" outside the offstump a lot, but boy did he and Raina finish it off. We will have new World Champions. "Aussie kee taisi" and all that. Yes - don't like most of their bunch - but respect (probably because I am in a good mood) to Pwnting, BLEE and Mr Cricket. What players.
Next up - Pakistan. But for now, we live to fight another day.

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