Monday, March 21, 2011

It all ends this Thursday

India vs Australia is NOT the quarter final match up I was looking for. We have not beaten them in a world cup match since 1987. We have come close though - a 1 run defeat in 1987, a 1 run defeat in 1992, a 10 run defeat in 1996. But after that the gap has grown - a 77 run defeat in 1999, followed by two massive defeats in 2003 - a 9 wicket loss early in the tournament and then  the 125 run defeat in the finals.
Given how poorly India have bowled and fielded and batted in the latter part of their innings in the Group Stages - it is hard to expect a win. Given our dismal record against the Aussies in the world cup, it makes it even more difficult. We have beaten them in big games before though over the years - The Titan Cup matches, Sharjah 1998,  Dhaka, 1998, Nairobi 2000, the Tri Series win down under in 2008 to give a few. Few and far between yes, but we can do it on a given day.
If we are to lose though, I want the team to go down swinging. Like Sachin in The Desert Storm.

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