Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You Arsenal

The wonderful Gilberto Silver of Gunnerblog created this wonderful blog post based on Rudyard Kipling's IF . It has become a sort of rallying call for Arsenal fans (at least for me) before a big game on twitter and I actually get very moved every time I see the page. And may Gooners would have visited the page yesterday as well.
Last night's win against Barcelona is one of the best feelings I have had being an Arsenal fan. It's over a decade now - I don't remember exactly when I became one. But it's been a long time for sure. I started watching the match and somewhere in between went to sleep - exhausted by my day's work and seeing Barcelona's tiki-taka. They were playing bloody brilliant. But there was something about the way we were playing which just made the heart swell with pride. And the pride of Arsenal was wonderfully on display in the form of young Jack Wilshere battling against the likes of Xavi and Iniesta.
And then we scored two goals, got a bit of luck and it finished 2-1. The term EPIC WIN is appropriate to describe this. I think.
For posterity's sake - here is  today's Arseblog. And I am taking this picture from there (so credits to @arseblog and @tottz82). Every picture tells a story. This is THE story.
So, Thank You very much Arsene and my beloved Arsenal. Godspeed.
[PS: Some beautiful pictures from the most beautiful of nights.]

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