Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suggested Answers for "How do cheergirls promote the cause of cricket?"

Last week the members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance posed, among other questions, the following question to the BCCI: How do cheergirls promote the cause of cricket?  It is understood from the linked news report that BCCI officials put the onus of introducing the concept on sacked IPL chief Lalit Modi.
Here are some answers that I would have given with a straight face if I had been a BCCI official.
For 3 marks
1) Cheerleaders are meant to cheer the players on the field, leading to improved performances.
2) Cheerleaders help in atracting a larger male audience across age groups of 15 to 90.
3) Cheerleaders help us in promoting the concept of "Cricketainment" where cricket and entertainment are one and the same.
For 5 marks
In addition to above 3 points, I would add points 4 and 5 here:
4) Cheerleaders help promote participation of girls in sporting activities. There are tough selection competitions for getting selected as a cheerleader and girls practice their dancing, gymnastic and athletic skills.
5) Cheerleading is an American concept which is present in almost all their major sports. As Indians, who copy all their TV shows and movie scripts, it is only natural that we do it as well.
If it is a Essay Type question, and if these answers are also not sufficient, then I would add this last line:
6) We enjoy looking at good-looking, scantily clad women. Cheerleading is the best excuse we have to do so at this stage of our lives. And Well of course, Mr Modi approved of this.

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  1. Proves that mere Objective understanding is not sufficient. Truth lies in Essays!
    Pity, the image only scantily echoes the essense of the Essay answer.


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