Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eden Gardens: A timeline

1987: Host of world cup final. A crowd of 90,000 or so comes to watch what is an anti-climatic final between Australia and England. The venue comes out with great credit in what is perhaps the best world cup final till date.
1996: Host of world cup opening ceremony and semi final. After digging up the pitch to have Beauty queens emerge from within the earth, by the time the second innings of the semi final was underway, the pitch had become a mine-field. The match ended amidst riots and tears.

2011: Given just one match of some significance. India vs England in the group stages. But the Cricket Association of Bengal is unable to get the stadium ready on time.
The time line is fairly indicative of the decline of a ground. Whether it is indicative of a decline of a city, state, culture and its people or not - I leave it for you to decide.
I have just one word for all this. Disgraceful.

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