Saturday, December 11, 2010

Football transfer spends - Part 1

Some time back I had stumbled across this very informative site . This site provides quite a detailed and comprehensive information about the transfer activities of English Football Clubs.

Let me provide 3 snapshots from this site - which capture very effectively the transfer spending of various football clubs in the Premier League Era.

Net Spend of English Clubs since the start of the Premier League.

Net Spending of English Football Clubs since 2003 (Post The Roman Revolution). The impact of the Oil Money flowing into the premiership can be clearly seen at the top of the table.

And Finally a snapshot showing the effect of significant events on Transfer Spends of the Bigger Clubs in England.

I intend to follow this up with a more detailed analysis sometime in the future, especially from an Arsenal viewpoint covering topics such as the correlation of spending with success on the pitch and which clubs have bucked the trend and how
For the time being, I invite the readers for their first comments on the spendings of their clubs over the years and what do they foresee in the future.

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  1. Great to see what we generally say being reinforced with solid figures.

    however, a few surprises to most would be seeing S**rs there. as much as i cudnt care less about them. i think they have one of the best chaimen in the Levy dude. solid backing and buying over the years without even a faint hope of winning. :D
    in other observations. Liverpool too have been huge spenders and as much as the kops complain about the yanks.. the nett spend hasnt reduced much post takeover.

    as for city and chelsea. lemme start with Chelsea - their title win can not be called blues winning titles, coz its tainted with red. and black. the black dirty oil money tainted with blood spilled by roman and his mafia.

    as for city, well - u have worthy idols in chelsea to look up to.

    as for united. though their net spend appears decent mainly due to the Donaldo super deal. however, credit to united, when one compares it with the rest and compare it with the titles won, it only looks fair.

    now, lets talk about our team - well, all i'll say is - in arsene we trust. have not felt tht we missed out on any big or required player. arsene just knows who to buy.In anycase, we dont believe in spending and buying superstars, its just not the arsenal way.

    but yeh, a goalkeeper please- even if we have to break the bank for it.


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