Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Bhaat Trilogy

Note: This post is meant only for Bengalis or at least those who understand Bengali. And are preferably non - vegetarian :)

One of the great thing about following interesting people on Twitter is that you come across some really funny, interesting links. And just like that I came across the videos I have linked here.

As a Bengali living outside Kolkata for the last 2-3 years, I miss having conversations in Bengali about food. And drinks. Especially with the true connoisseurs, of which there is no shortage back in Kolkata. I fondly remember the lunches and dinners I shared with a manager of mine, when I was doing my articleship, during which he would talk about Hilsa and Chingri; about how soft the mutton is in Karim's Delhi; and how a Biryani on Jumma day taken from the top of the pot at Shiraz is better than the rest; among other things.

So when I came across these links - it certainly made me nostalgic on one hand and absolutely delighted to listen to some classic Bangali Bhaat (Bengalis would know what I mean here).

So I present to you what I call the Bhaat trilogy: 3 talks covering food and drink and a lot more. Delivered by this unknown gentleman. Sit back and enjoy. And go about them one after the other to enjoy the flow.

The Bhaat trilogy comprises of

Scotch Puran

Brandy Bilas

Shuorer Mangsho o Grand Canyon


  1. Oshadhaaron!! The post made me PORITRIPTO!

  2. haha. These are people whom you can find at kolcomm on facebook.;-) ;-)


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