Saturday, October 2, 2010


The word "Ayodhya" (अयोध्या)  is derived from the Sanskrit root  "Yudh" (युद्ध) , meaning "fight" or "wage war," and it translates to either "not to be fought" or, less literally, "unconquerable." Is it not ironic that India's longest running dispute over a piece of land claimed by both Hindus and Muslims is IN Ayodhya - a place which is not to be fought over. (For more read here
The verdict of the High Court on 30th September effectively asked the disputed land to be divided into 3 parts - one to Ram Lalla (the child form of Lord Ram), one to Sunni Wakf Board (the party representing the Muslims) and one to Nirmohi Akhara. Which lead to people asking who were these people ?
Nirmohi Akhara are a Hindu religious group about whom not much is available on the net, but this article here and another one here gives some idea...  Interestingly enough the term "Nirmohi" (निर्मोही)  means having no "moh" (मोह)  or attachment., i.e. people who have renounced the material things of this world. Well, I found it ironic that people belonging to a group called "Nirmohi" would be "attached" to a piece of land which happens to be India's most disputed and controversial.
But then don't they say - Life is stranger than fiction.

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  1. Its very important to understand how miniscule stupid groups come to represent entire communities....i find it completely unacceptable when someone from ayodhya who heads a stupid group says he shall build a glorious temple as desired by hindus...


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