Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just an old story

About two and a half years ago, in January 2008, I had gone on an audit trip to a place called Hathidah in Bihar. It was a factory visit, one I quite enjoyed. The client was excellent and organised and the trip was very satisfactory from a professional standpoint. But perhaps, I enjoyed the trip a lot more, simply because I was visiting Bihar after some time and got the opportunity to converse in the language and dialect I so love once again.
We were put up in the guest house within the factory and would be joined during meal times by some of the officers. During the dinner time conversation on the first night, I was warned by one of the officers not to go outside the factory without having security with me. On asking him the reason, the gentlemen replied with a perfectly straight face that if I ventured out alone, I was liable to be kidnapped and then forcibly married !!! He then went on to describe how young factory workers - young unmarried men in their 20s were accompanied by their fathers when they came to office. He also told me how one guy working in the stores department had been missing the last week and when he returned - he had been forced to be married in the mean time.
I found the conversation rather amusing that time. Growing up in Patna in the last decade, I had known all about the fear of parents sending their children to school and so on, but this kidnapping and forcible marrying of young boys was a phenomenon I had been unaware of. I have shared this story with a few friends and it has been received with varying degrees of amusement and incredulity.
So, while browsing through Google News the other day, I came across this review of a new movie called Antardwand. And what caught my attention was the subject of the movie - " the kidnapping of marriageable boys by desperate fathers of wannabe brides".
And this made me recall the story I just narrated. Well, having a movie on this topic sort of lends credibility to my story - Doesn't it ? :)
PS: I am looking forward to seeing the movie some time soon.

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  1. This is something i also came to know for the first time due to this movie.
    It seems funny to begin with but later on it only gets weird. :P


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