Monday, July 5, 2010

Semi Finals Predictions

I have been doing fairly rubbish in these world cup predictions so far. And still I make another  attempt here to show off my football punditry.
Netherlands - Uruguay:  Looks likely to be a battle of attrition, considering how Uruguay approach the game generally and how the Dutch have been playing in this tournament so far. However, with Uruguay having just one match winner in Forlan, as opposed to several for the Netherlands, I will go for a Dutch win in normal time. 2-1 to the Dutch, with Dirk Kuyt scoring the winner. (Yes, you can laugh at it if you want)
Spain - Germany: Promises to the best game of the tournament so far. This youthful German team has pleasantly surprised everybody with their attacking prowess in the tournament. The Spanish, much fancied on the other hand, have underwhelmed to a certain extent, relying heavily on David Villa to take them to the semis so far. And yet, it has to be considered, that it is Spain's best ever World Cup performance (at least since 1950 where the format was different). Coming into the tournament, a Spain - Germany semi-final would have had Spain as the firm favourites, but I am going for a German win 2-1 in extra time, simply considering the momentum they have behind them.
So a Netherlands - Germany final is what I predict. What about you ?
PS: I definitely want to see the Dutch play in the final, I have been supporting them throughout. I am an admirer of this Spanish side since 2008 and would normally back them, but have developed a soft corner for this German team during the tournament, so planning to be strictly neutral in the second semi-final

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  1. Ned Vs Uru looks stacked in favour of the Dutch. The point u made of match winners is very valid. there is sniejder( player of the tournament?) pulling the strings in midfield ; Kuyt running around tirelessly like a mad dog, and of crse, Robben doing a lethal combo of drogba, ronaldo and all the Italians over the ages...

    As for Ger Vs Esp; ESP is the team i support from the begining; however, jus like you Ze Germans have grown on me. still I would stick with the prediction of the Octopus and put ESP to go through.

    So A Spain - Dutch Final


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