Friday, July 2, 2010

Quarter Finals Predictions

After a largely exciting Round of 16, which produced some terrific football at times, here we go into the quarter finals. So here's another attempt to play the now famous Oracle Octopus myself.

Netherlands - Brazil - Brazil to win 2-1 although it could even go to penalties...... Rooting for the Dutch though :)
Uruguay - Ghana - Uruguay to go through comfortably - 3-1. Once again rooting for the underdog here - Come on Ghana !!!!
Argentina - Germany - Tough Match !!!! Going with Argentina 3-2 - Messi to have a blinder :) . But has to be a cracker of a game. No favourites here. Just hope the better team wins.
Paraguay - Spain - Easy choice. Spain win 2-0, as long as they don't get complacent. Torres to open his account.

And so my predicted semi-final line up looks like - Brazil v Uruguay & Argentina v Spain.  What's yours ?


  1. wow nice blog hope u would like to visit mine also

  2. no chickening out... my 2 bits

    Brazil :3
    Holland : 2

    Uruguay :2/3
    Ghana :1

    Argentina: 1
    Germany : 2

    Spain : 3/4
    Paraguay :1

  3. Just 2 predictions correct here by me, Shabeer gets 3 out of 4 right....
    Stunning comeback by the European powerhouses late in the tournament.


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