Saturday, March 20, 2010

My take on MIHYAP - The Book

I finished reading celebrated blogger Arnab Ray aka Greatbong's first book - May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss ! just now. I found the book to be an extremely enjoyable read. So, while I am too lazy to write a proper review of the book, I am enthusiastic enough to list down a few of the highlights for me.

1) The two short-stories - 'A Short Story on Terror' and '1-900 Hotties' - both surreal, funny and sad for a multitude of reasons. Laugh and cry at the same time as they hit you in unexpected places.
2) Chapter 9: An Indian Wedding - Let me say this upfront, that I have never been part of any wedding ceremony other than for the dinner part. A combination of apathy, absence and excuses has worked well for me in avoiding weddings. So when the author gives an incredibly funny first hand account of what happens in a typical Indian (in this case Bengali) wedding, it had me laughing and cringing at the same time. Laughing, because it is so insanely crazy, made crazier by the author's take on it ; and cringing because there is the fear at the back of one's mind, that I might be the victim of something similar one day. Now I know some of you reading this who know me well, might be laughing as to how I am even fancying getting married. However, just in case .....just in case it ever happens I will try my best to do a court marriage.
3) Some of the remarkable theories expounded in a most scholarly fashion. For example: - a) The Khanna Patel Lahiri Desperation malaise which is remarkably similar to the more popular usage of the first letters of the four words of the title of the theory.
b) The 'Bait and Switch' theory of song writing used by bollywood song writers in the 90s as demonstrated in songs of films like Khalnayak and Dalal.
c) The Quickly Minimize Windows Hypothesis'. Now let it be known that this works only when you have a presentable desktop picture. Also, that the most important keyboard shortcut which should be taught in Classes 7 onwards is the 'Windows + M' or 'Windows + D'. Unfortunately most of us learn this only when we enter the corporate world, but the utility of such shortcuts on late nights at home cannot be over-emphasised.
4) The incredibly scholarly analysis of several "over-looked" Bollywood movies especially 'Gunda'. Just one line  quoted here from the book should be enough to bring the readers to buy the book - This depiction of the eternal conflict between good and evil where each character is an anthropomorphization of historical forces, makes Gunda transcend all cinematic formulae, kind of like a Mahabharata of the times.'
5) The exposure of the reason as to why some of us don't like these new "bold" Bollywood movies which have all these "hot babes" delivered in one telling line - The dislike stems from a deep well of "Where were these types of girls when I was growing up?" angst which people of my generation will surely understand. Understand??? I feel it Sir.
Well, these are just a few of the highlights of this book and be sure I have kept the best ones unwritten here for you to go and enjoy it while you read it. This book is one of those which makes you all nostalgic about growing up in the 80's and 90's. While reading the book at times, I was smiling with the 'I have done that' feeling. And on some other occasions, I had the feeling - Oh shit, I didn't do that or I didn't see that one - Would have been fun - no?
All in all a book I recommend to all those who have a sense of humour. And just one question to the author posed here - Dada, these Poltu's diary entries are actually yours. Right ???


  1. Poltu? Who is Poltu? Never heard of him.

  2. And with that Arnab Da has denied knowledge of Poltu just like Pakistan has been denying knowledge of Kasab


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