Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The '3 Idiots' Files

Very few films have caught the imagination of the public in recent times as "3 Idiots'. The film came with great expectations, but very few could have predicted that it would go on to be such a massive hit. So remarkable has been the success that it became the first Indian movie to make it to the IMDB Top 250 list. The movie was followed by an equally amazing controversy and helped in keeping the film in the limelight.
Over the last month or so, there has been a plethora of reviews, articles, blogs, spoofs and cartoons about the movie. This post is essentially an archive of the best of the web on 3 Idiots - from the ridiculous to the sublime.
As with any movie, there are innumerable reviews available for 3 Idiots. The one that I liked the best came from Mayank Shekhar in the Hindustan Times. When it comes to movie reviews of my choice Greatbong’s review has to be kept here as well as he articulated beautifully why this movie is something a lot of us can relate to.
As most of us, already knew, the movie was "based" on Chetan Bhagat's book - 5 Point Someone. Whether it was "loosely based" or "adapted" or "70% based", I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine. However, with Bhagat's name appearing only at the end, and after being urged on by thousands of his fans, he decided to create a hue and cry about it. Here's what he had to say about it in his blog. Well, that led to quite a fight between the makers of the movie - Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raju Hirani & Co on one hand and Bhagat on the other. I believe they have kissed and made up since, but this clipping showing Chopra's reaction - SHUT UP - SHUT UP in a press conference is priceless :D
Vir Sanghvi put the right perspective on the whole issue - while what the makers did with Bhagat's name was legal, it perhaps showed a certain lack of grace.
A slightly more unconventional look back at the controversy by Manan Singhi in his blog here - Yeh Kya Hui :D
As the film kept becoming a bigger and bigger hit, Aamir Khan tried to do a TZP by demanding tax exemption for it. The last I know, it hasn't been successful.
The Management Gurus were quick to pick up on all of Baba Ranchoddas ka gyan as they neatly summarised all the lessons from the move here.
With the Management Scientists at work, could the real scientists be left behind. Livemint's LabRats came out with all the science bloopers in the film.
One person, who clearly didn't get the film's message (as usual) was the world famous Sagarika Ghose of CNN IBN, who prophesised how this film shows that we are going to become a nation of idiots, following this movie.
Coming to the lighter side of things, this cartoon review/spoof from the vigilidiot is mind blowing. Equally interesting is this cartoon from Satish. Do have a look at them.
As far as I know, the only people who didn't whole-heartedly enjoy the movie were some SRK fans (:D). So here's my friend Ajit, yet another SRK fan, paying an underhanded complement to the movie
And finally while the entire nation keeps repeating All is Well, All is Well, about 74 times a day, there has been a much more profound impact of the movie. My friend Vageesh, a lifelong Aamir Khan fan, has been so impressed by Boman Irani's character that he now takes power naps for 7 and a half minutes everyday in the office. Don't believe it - Have a look :D

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