Friday, January 8, 2010

14 of the reasons why I love test cricket

Test cricket has been rather interesting of late, hasn't it? There are many reasons why I love test cricket, here are just 14 of them:
1) It is played by people wearing WHITE clothes - reminding me of my school days wearing the white shirts and sometimes white pants.
2) It is played with a RED ball, which sort of justifies calling it a "CHERRY".
3) Knowledgeable and serious cricket anchors such as Mandira Bedi generally stay away from it.
4) The crowd can pay full attention to either the game or go to sleep rather than being constantly distracted by celebrities like Shilpa Shetty or Preity Zinta hugging players or blowing kisses.
5) The people who do the cheerleading are the ones who pay for it (i.e. the FANS) and not those who get paid for it (i.e. the "professional" skimpily clad ladies).
6) POWERCUTs are not a major issue with games finishing before sunset. Test cricket conserves energy.
7) There are no "Strategy breaks" after every ten overs.
8) It is played over a period of FIVE days, which is a good reason to bunk studies/work for five days.
9) Bowlers sometimes DO FEEL they have a chance of taking a wicket or two.
10) Spinners can't complain about the "WET BALL" and they have a better chance to get into the game with an "OLD BALL", fast bowlers can look forward to the "NEW BALL" which is truly new.
11) Delightfully named fielding positions such as SLIPS, SHORT LEG and SILLY POINT are used.
12) Batsmen can take a little bit of time and afford to play a DOT BALL or two.
13) Batsmen generally get full value for their good shots as most fielders are NOT on the boundary.
14) The players and spectators get sufficient time to rest and eat with LUNCH, TEA and DRINKS.

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