Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Nobel Obama

The last week witnessed a history changing moment. Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months into his presidency. It is one of those things which has produced some strong opinions, many of them put across in a highly creative manner. So I have decided to put together a post for posterity containing links to the best write-ups on this matter that I have come across.

First up, the greatest blogger in the universe - The Great Bong with Obama in a Superman costume -

Next we have Suhel Da with the Dummies guide to winning a Nobel - . I intend to nominate myself soon after reading this.

Then we have a "Behind the scenes" look at it . Received the link through twitter probably.

Livemint's Salil Tripathi with this Biblical version of Obama's Nobel Prize - The Oracle of Oslo - .

However, before anybody thinks that the entire world hates Obama, let me bring to you, award winning director (and fellow Arsenal Supporter :D) Michael Moore's Views on this subject in two letters:


2) .

My views on this are that this year's Nobel Peace Prize is a shocking decision which ultimately reflects people getting carried away with the Obama brand.

As Neil Armstrong might have said - One small setback for Man, One giant SLIP by Mankind.

However, who knows - Obama might indeed be a Superman, who flies around the world at night in his red undies, trying his best to include Estrogen pills into the Diet Cokes of the Taliban and the Al Qaeda. We have to give OBAMA-MAN the chance to work his magic.

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