Saturday, August 1, 2009

Starter for 10

Saw the movie this week on TV. Found it pretty interesting on a number of counts actually:

10) The background of the movie is the famous quiz show - University Challenge. Made me remember my college days when I had actually sat for a qualifying round in Xavier's one day before a B.Com - Part I paper. (We never made it to the TV Rounds, but my day was made when Siddhartha Basu came to our college a few months later hosting a special show. Managed to win an audience prize from him as well that day).

20) The story of the film itself is a pretty interesting love triangle and the humour is splendidly British.

30) The lead actor - James Mcavoy (of Wanted fame) is quite good and so are the two beautiful ladies - Rebecca Hall and Alice Eve.

Just a trivia to round things of, the movie's title - "Starer for 10" - actually refers to the famous catch phrase from University Challenge itself, it is the quizmaster's line to get a set of questions rolling with the first question being for 10 points. Hence called "Starter for 10".

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