Saturday, August 1, 2009

Departures of different kinds

Sir Bobby Robson passed away yesterday. All that I can say is that he was and will always be my favourite non-Arsenal football person. In fact it can be safely said that he is among the very few people who was universally loved by all those that knew him or knew about him. He coached teams in four countries and won trophies in all of them. He was also manager of the England football team that played really well in the 1990 World Cup. I saw him primarily when he used to manage Newcastle United, and to hear him give an interview or listen to him speak as a Pundit occassionally was always a pleasure.

The other "departure" this week has been that of Kolo Toure from Arsenal to Manchester City. The last of the "invincibles" has now departed. Kolo has always been a much loved player among the Gooners and he will remain a legend for me always. Wish him all the best and hope he does well for himself. There is not much else to say about him.

So two departures of two different kinds in one week. May your soul rest in peace - Sir Bobby. And farwell Kolo - you are a legend for us !!

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